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1). Should I get the 2” or 4” panels?
It really depends on several factors. The 4” panels are generally better for bass absorption although they are not really bass traps. The 4” provide significantly greater sound absorption at 125 Hz, but there is little difference above 500 Hz compared to the 2” panels. The 2” cost less and cost slightly less to ship than the 4” panels. For large areas such as houses of worship or auditoriums, we recommend the 2” panels. Many people tend to like the appearance of the thinner 2” panels on their walls, but it’s really a matter of personal preference.

2). Do you offer custom sized panels?
Yes, we offer custom-sized 2” and 4” thick acoustic panels in sizes up to 48"x96". Please contact us to receive a quote.

3). Do you have more color options of your standard acoustic panels?
We currently only stock three colors of burlap - Black, Ivory, and Off White. We also offer 9 additional colors that we can order for an additional charge. We are able to get over 30 different colors. If you are looking to make a large order, we can special order the fabric. Just let us know if there is a certain color you are interested in.

4). Do you sell bass traps?
What we do offer is a fabric covered open back option on our 4" thickness standard acoustic panels. Our open back option is if you are trying to absorb bass. They are generally placed in corners or spaced away from the wall to provide an air gap to help absorb the low frequencies.

5). How do I attach the panels to the wall?
All of our panels come with a hanging kit containing all the clips, screws and anchors you need to hang your panels, including instructions.

6).How many panels do I need? Where should I mount the acoustic panels in the room?
You can use as many panels as you like. The more panels you use, the better the acoustics of the room. In general, placement of the panels is not very critical. The number of panels to cover the appropriate square footage is more critical. You will get better absorption when you place the panels near corners, which means you can use slightly fewer panels in your room. However, most people place the panels where they are most visually appealing. For home theaters where the sound in the room primarily comes from the speakers, the panels should be placed at the first reflection points.

7). Are your panels made with flame retardant fabric?
Our Velvet Panels are made with an inherently flame retardant 100% polyester velvet fabric that passes NFPA 701. The burlap on our Standard Panels is not flame retardant. However, for an additional charge we can treat the burlap with a non-toxic fire retardant to pass NFPA 701.

8). Will your acoustic panels help keep sound from traveling through the walls?
Our panels are used primarily for controlling echoes and reverb, so our panels will not really help keep sound from traveling through walls. What you need is acoustic isolation. In the DIY Materials section of our website, we do offer some sound isolation products.

9). Can I hang your acoustic panels on the ceiling?
Yes, absolutely. To hang our panels on the ceiling, one option is to drill small pilot holes through the edge of the panel and then use screws through the holes and into the ceiling. Another option is to use screw/eye hooks in the ceiling and in the back of the panel along with wire to suspend the panels below the ceiling.

10). Do you have an affiliate program?
We do not currently have an affiliate program. If you are interested in distributing any of our products locally or online, please contact us.

11). Other questions?
Contact us by clicking here, and we will get right back to you!